The ”Wild West” season has begun! News
12 December 2018
Welcome to the Wild West! Cowboys, bandits, sheriffs, native americans and other heroes of the prairie will fight each other to see who is celebrating their victory over the fallen.
Update Update
6 October 2018
We have just released an update with numerous changes that will make the game even better.
High Cuisine seasons: second week News
4 October 2018
The second week of High Cuisine seasons in Cuisine Royale has begun. And it means that for completing daily tasks, you can get the unique item - kitchen utensil “Meat grinder”.
Update Update
3 October 2018
A few more changes that have improved the interface of the game.
Update Update
2 October 2018
A few more changes that have improved the game.
Update Update
29 September 2018
A few more changes that have improved the graphics and interface of the game.
Update Update
28 September 2018
Today we’re presenting you with a few more improvements to the game.
High cuisine seasons! Italian Weeks News
26 September 2018
High Cuisine seasons comes to Cuisine Royale. Earn special ingredients and utensils in battles and cook unique “dishes” that have the spirit of the traditional national cuisine of the respective nation.
Update Update
26 September 2018
Respawn radius for squad mates has been reduced from 350 to 200m for duo and squad mode.
Update is here Update
25 September 2018
Added options in main menu. All options, like graphics settings, sound, and key bindings are now configurable from main menu. Reduced light brightness in main menu.Changed music in main menu to feature new tracks for upcoming patch.
Gaijin.NET Agent now optional Development
20 September 2018
Due to our player's feedback, we have made Gaijin.Net agent entirely optional during a Steam installation (now you can decide whether you want to use it, or not)
Update Update
19 August 2018
We've been cooking some stuff, which we're ready to deliver in update
Early Access Game News
16 July 2018
Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.
FREE Early Access until July 2nd! (updated) News
16 July 2018
Early Access will be free until July 2nd 2018, after that we will probably make it a paid game to cover server expenses and fund further development. Cuisine Royale will stay free until the 2nd of July.
Update | Customization Update
6 July 2018
Basic customization has been added - you can choose your pants before a battle in the separate game menu (Customization).