Update Update
28 June 2019
Now you can request a personal fridge drop in the middle of a battle to get rare weapons and items. Obtain a flare gun to request the cargo from orbit. But beware: your loot can end up in the hands of your enemies! Also, gravestones and underwear now come with handy bonuses. Take your time to look at them closely. Naturally, all underwear is fully compatible with your favourite costumes, so no rush to change clothes. And last, but surely not least - The Jetpack is now back in the game! Those of you who managed to enjoy it in our April 1st event have asked about it rather often. Players with weaker computers would benefit from new low graphics settings.
Update Update
19 August 2018
We've been cooking some stuff, which we're ready to deliver in update
Early Access Game News
16 July 2018
Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.
FREE Early Access until July 2nd! (updated) News
16 July 2018
Early Access will be free until July 2nd 2018, after that we will probably make it a paid game to cover server expenses and fund further development. Cuisine Royale will stay free until the 2nd of July.
Update | Customization Update
6 July 2018
Basic customization has been added - you can choose your pants before a battle in the separate game menu (Customization).