The “Weird West” season update is in the game already! News
31 May 2019
It would seem fitting to ask how the season update can excite the participants of our royal battle? Will it be able to add something to the game that even players with the most curious and enviable imagination could not foresee?
Update Update
21 August 2019
Changes in the Orbital Fridge loot The chances of receiving a powerful weapon or Jetpack from the Orbital Fridge has been significantly increased; The chances of finding semi-auto rifles in the Orbital Fridge has been significantly lowered; Fixed a bug where you might receive a pair of Gewehr 43 rifles from the Orbital Fridge with no ammo; The Browning auto 5 will no longer be included in an Orbital Fridge drop.
Xbox: Flare event Xbox
15 August 2019
Every Xbox player will get one Flare Gun for free after playing their first battle each day from August 15 (14:00 GMT) till August 18 (14:00 GMT).
New packs for PC and Xbox players Xbox
8 August 2019
There are few new packs - Starter Pack, Advanced Pack, Elite Pack with “Weird West Stories book” available for players, which will give you access to ultra rare workshop items and other special items.
Updates Update
30 July 2019
The container with the Flare Gun now has a countdown timer which will display the time until it may be used again. A sound playing when marking an item on the map for your teammates has been added. The display of Win/Kill rating on the leaderboard has been changed. Now it is displayed as a fraction (rational) instead of a whole number (integer). A rare bug (“wrong number of parameters”) which appeared simultaneously with the inability to invite a player to the squad has been fixed.
Update Update
18 July 2019
A bug where when trying to “compare achievements” with other players, instead of the achievement page of the selected player, a player’s own achievement page opens has been fixed. Selecting loot items by targeting them is now more accurate. Controllability when playing from a gamepad has been improved.
Update Update
10 July 2019
Fixed a bug where after activation of the “Smoke grenade” trap the trap began to smoke after a pause, not immediately as it should. A bug where erasing the Ritual of brown note did not interrupt the ritual. A bug where after switching weapons to the selected slot the rear sight was out of focus has been fixed. Damage from the zone has been changed: now the zone at the start of a battle adds less damage to a player than at the end of the battle.
Cuisine Royale: Q&A News
6 July 2019
Thank you for your interesting questions. We have prepared answers from the developers of Cuisine Royale and are ready to share them with you!
Update Update
5 July 2019
Zoom on the stationary machine guns has been reduced. List of the available radio stations for boombox has been updated.
Update Update
4 July 2019
Map markers for highlighted items have been added. The indestructible tombstone bug has been fixed. The M84 sight can now be used on all rifles.
Update Update
2 July 2019
Orbital fridges don't get stuck in trees anymore. Now they destroy trees when landing. Now you may get your meal from the inventory with the middle mouse button. You’re now able to pick up and drop meals with the right mouse button. The wrong display of the kill marker (red skull) has been fixed. A bug has been fixed where the low FPS and poor connection notifiers in the top right corner remain on screen. The cost of rituals “Moon gravity”, “Steady hands” and “Fast reload” has been reduced. Catalyzed versions - from 400 to 300 souls, regular versions - from 200 to 150 souls. The “Smoke grenade” trap cost has been reduced from 100 to 50 souls, the effect lasts longer - from 1.5 to 3 minutes.
Update Update
1 July 2019
Amount of souls received for every meal increased from 2 to 5 for boxer shorts “Jarabe” and purple “Mexico” panties; and from 5 to 15 for blue “Mexico” boxer shorts and “Skeleton” panties. Size of the hit crosshair has been reduced. Message displayed when there was a possibility to destroy an enemy tombstone and receiving bonus souls is now displayed only for soul containing tombstones. Bug has been fixed with lasting magic spray effect even after it was erased.
Update Update
1 July 2019
At your request, the damage made against enemies will now be highlighted in red; A bug where the orbital fridge would, in rare cases, fall under the ground has been fixed; You are now able to see which weapon your squad or duo mate has in their hands.
Updates Update
28 June 2019
Now you can request a personal fridge drop in the middle of a battle to get rare weapons and items. Obtain a flare gun to request the cargo from orbit. But beware: your loot can end up in the hands of your enemies! Also, gravestones and underwear now come with handy bonuses. Take your time to look at them closely. Naturally, all underwear is fully compatible with your favourite costumes, so no rush to change clothes. And last, but surely not least - The Jetpack is now back in the game! Those of you who managed to enjoy it in our April 1st event have asked about it rather often. Players with weaker computers would benefit from new low graphics settings.
Server Update 19.06.2019 Update
19 June 2019
The distribution of loot items on the map has been reworked, and will now be more even. There should be no more situations where there is nothing to loot in houses or villages. Oh, and don’t forget to check the attic!
Update Update
14 June 2019
A bug where the sound of picking up items dissapeared and it was not possible to spray over the surface has been fixed.